Affordable Pricing for Atlanta's Best Tutors

Straightforward Fee Schedule, Monthly billing

  • Pre-K to 5th grade
    Private Atlanta Tutors
    • checkboxdElementary school teacher certification or training
    • checkboxdMinimum session length: one hour
    • checkboxdStop tutoring any time

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  • Middle School
    One-on-One Atlanta Tutors
    • checkboxdAny middle school subject or general homework help
    • checkboxdFirst lesson guarantee
    • checkboxdMinimum session length: one hour

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  • High School and College Private Atlanta Tutors
    • checkboxdAny high school subjects
    • checkboxdWe can assign multiple tutors for different subjects
    • checkboxdTutors are usually college grads or young professionals

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  • Special Programs
    • checkboxd10-hr SAT/ACT Prep, $595
    • checkboxdSpeech Therapy, $85/hr
    • checkboxdExecutive Function Assessment, $35
    • checkboxdHomeschool Support, 8+ hrs/wk, $40-50/hr

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Pricing Policies

It has always been our guiding policy to be easy to work with.  No complicated system of buying batches of hours in advance. Simply use our tutors as much or as little as you need; stop anytime.

  • No registration fee

    We do want clients to register before the first session with one of our private Atlanta tutors. You will review our policies and pay for the first hour by credit card.

  • First lesson guarantee

    You can pay for that first hour with total confidence. We will refund your money in full if the lesson fails to take place or if you are not satisfied for any reason.

  • Simple monthly billing

    At the beginning of each month, we will email you an invoice listing all sessions reported by your tutor. You may pay by credit card, check or online billpay, or simply leave it to us to automatically charge your credit card.

  • Stop tutoring at any time

    This is the beauty of working with us. You are not locked into any commitment at all. When you no longer need our services, simply tell your tutor, or if that is at all awkward for you, simply call us.

You may pay online using any major credit card — Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express — as well as PayPal and Intuit Payment Network. You may also send a check or use your bank’s online billpay.

Yes, at a discounted 50% rate for the second student. So if you are paying $50/hr, we’d charge you $75/hr for both students at once. Please think hard about the wisdom of this. We are great believers in one-on-one tutoring. Often the second student moves at a faster pace, and your child may be too embarrassed to tell the tutor they are not keeping up.

Yes, that’s OK, we will not charge you extra. But in general when there are two children (siblings or friends), the second child is charged at 50%. However, to keep the single child rate, it is fine to split the hour between the two children, i.e. 30 minutes for each child back to back. Or, at 45 minutes for one child and 30 mins for the younger one, we would charge you for 1 hour 15 mins. After the one hour minimum, we charge in increments of 15 minutes.

Yes, we will be happy to. We will send you an invoice early month, give you at least 7 days to review it for accuracy, after which we will charge your credit card on file, adding a nominal $5 processing fee.

This is pretty rare, because we know our tutors and usually know who will be a good match. But if we get it wrong, simply tell us. We will assign a new tutor or you can stop tutoring. If you realize after the first hour that it is not a good fit, we will refund your money.

Yes, in the amount of $2 million per claim

Absolutely. Word of mouth is a huge source of clients for us. We will provide a free hour of tutoring for any client you bring us, once the client has paid for their 6th hour of tutoring. Please do bring the referral to our attention so we can provide the credit.

You may cancel or reschedule any session with 24-hours notice. We are usually lenient about the 24 hours in cases where your child is sick or there is a family emergency. But we do reserve the right to charge you for very late cancellations, where the tutor may be on their way or shows up to find no-one home.